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Latex Mattresses
What are Latex Mattresses composed of ?
Latex rubber is a milky white liquid consisting of minute rubber particles derived from the rubber plant. It is whipped into foam, electronically weighed, then automatically dispensed into a mold by a robot. Aluminum core pins transfer curing heat into the foam. As a result, thousands of "pin-core" air-channels enable natural ventilation of the final product.
All mattresses have to support, cushion and relieve pressure on your body. Latex Mattresses do more: they conform to the contours of your body and they feel good! easier in unbelievable comfort. Designed to bring you the ultimate in comfort, by supporting and cushioning you, and relieving pressure with millions of cells, making the one-third of your life you spend in bed more luxurious. Latex Mattresses come in your choice of Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm. They are 2" to 8" thick, have air holes every 3/8", are completelyreversible and have a 10 year warranty. Latex mattress cells are hypoallergenic. No dust or fluff will disturb you while you aresleeping or resting. Clean, refreshing all the time. Our latex is naturally bactericidal, resulting in a healthier sleep environment.
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Undisturbed Sleep
The Latex Mattress is made from natural latex, which is the most resilient foam known to man. The tactile and responsive nature of latex provides you with totally isolated and undisturbed sleep comfort and conforms to your body curvature. The Natural Latex Mattress has no innersprings and thus provides relief from pressure points and noise.
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Natural Latex Mattress unique self-ventilating latex 1/4 million porous cells per inch that breathe leaving you cool and dry. without harboring body moisture and fungus. In our Natural Rubber Latex Mattress, air circulates through pin-core holes and open bubbles to create a mattress that is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  No other material breathes like  our Natural Rubber Latex Mattress.
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A Breakthrough in Latex Foam Technology.. You Should Know About !
State-of-the-art advances in compound development and foam core manufacture have enabled us to offer the ultimate in latex foam mattress technology.

A series of in-process tests continuously monitor manufacturing conditions for comparison with rigorous standards - electronic meters on the drying unit, for example, ensure constant drying conditions.
For precise quality control of the finished product, a computerized analysis is made for compression rating; a flex-tester guards against irregularities in the cured latex; an impact tester assures the durability and integrity of each finished core.

Warranty :
10 year Limited Warranty

Quality Control : Manufacturing processes and conditions are carefully monitored through visual, as well as automated inspection tests during the entire cycle. Samples from each lot then undergo complete testing for flexibility and durability. For example, to measure the equivalent of ten years usage, our impact tester (picture above) subjects each sample to more than 15,000 impacts during its 24-hour test period.
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