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Pl Group of Industries
Mattress Edge-Quilting Machine
The machine can be applied in edge-quilting of surface materials of spring mattress and sponge spring, and it is also used in bag-quilting of all kinds of soft mattress. The lifting Worktable can be adjusted freely. The machine is equipped with Angle-Adjustable Sewing Head. Edge-quilting can  be controlled freely by knee-control handle or manual control handle. It is also equipped with stainless-steel platform. The machine can complete quilting a sheet of mattress per 6 minutes.
Pl Group of Industries Processing Height
Worktable lifting length
Max Depression of Sewing
Supply Voltage
Motor Power
Model of Sewing Head
Size of Table
Size of Frame
400W (single phase)
SEIKO CW-88 (Japan or national)
SEIKO CW-88 (Japan or national)
2070*1405*800mm (lowest position)
Plant & Machinery for manufacturing Rubberized Coir Mattresses
Pl Group of Industries

Pl Group of Industries

Pl Group of Industries

1) Coir Sheet Machine (Sheeting Line) : This machine is used to process systematically, the coir fiber with the latex for  manufacturing Rubberized Coir Fleeces of 1” thickness. These  fleeces are piled to make the mattress and  other allied items. This machine has speed controls throughout and is fully automatic state-of-the-art machine. This is manufactured in 3 different capacities. 1 meter width, wherein you can process a maximum width up to 3 feet, 1.4 meter width up to 4  feet  and 2.2 meter width up to 6.5 feet.

2) Coir Rope Untwisting Machine : This machine is used to untwist the coir rope into the loose curled coir fiber. This has a capacity to untwist coir rope upto 250 kgs. per hour. 

3) Hydraulic Press :  It operates hydraulically to press the coir fleeces to the exact thickness of the mattress made in solid MS Plates.

4) Band Saw cutting Machines : This machine evens out the mattress to the exact length and width, by cutting unwanted parts.

5) Ball Mill :  This is used to churn the chemicals to break them into fine powder before mixing it with the Latex.

6) Vulcanizing Chamber :  This vulcanizes the mattresses at a very high temperature and pressure so as to dry of all the moisture contents. This is manufactured in different capacities. 

7) Tank : This tank is used to store latex mixed with chemicals and is connected via pipes into the sheeting machine for free flow of latex mixed with chemicals on the coir sheet. 

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