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Pocket Spring Mattresses & Cushions
EUROSPRING’s Pocket Coil Construction...
  • provides contoured support to aid proper alignment of the spinal column.
  • lift for the lumbar regions of the back and thighs.
  • gives highest degree of comfortability and a deep undisturbed night’s sleep.
  • provide comfort to the upper shoulders & neck, hips and lower legs.
  • is advantageous in terms of hygienic requirements.
Perfect Sleep :
EUROSPRING mattresses are designed to promote longer period of SWS  (Slow Wave Sleep) by providing differential support for different parts of body. Not only springs and foam, but also design to help, to keep your back in the proper alignment throughout the high vis-à-vis sound sleep.
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Heat-tempered coils retain their design, shape and resilience. Each coil is pre-compressed and encased in a sonically sealed, individual pocket to ensure durability.
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All springs are pocketed into non-woven and then glued in center.
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We use high density pure foam as border and in comfort layer to supplier edge-to-edge support and comfort form mattress longevity.
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Unlike any other sleep system, the independent action support of the EUROSPRING’s pocket coil construction is truly unique.
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EUROSPRING's elite No-Disturb-Technology Mattress featuring a new scientifically designed advanced comfort system, the mattress provides the ultimate in an undisturbed night's sleep.

The Pocket Spring Core has a particular complex form of springing. The high carbon steel wire spring is of barrel shaped design so that the turns never touch each other, eliminating noise and vibration. Each coil is put into individual sleeves of non-woven, non-allergic fabric developed specifically for the mattress. Each sleeve is ultrasonically sealed, a process where the non-woven fabric is melted together to form solid plastic seams that are remarkably secure and tear resistance.

The independent pocket coil design is fully unique to EUROSPRING. EUROSPRING mattress is designed to contour precisely to the body's shape and weight for unsurpassed comfort and support. EUROSPRING coils respond independently, to ensure the ultimate in a relaxing, comfortable night's sleep. Enjoy a level of comfort and support that's beyond compare on a new EUROSPRING mattress. Greater reduction in motion transfer for even less partner disturbance and the ultimate in: No-Disturb-Technology Mattress.
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The spine in its natural reclining position. The EUROSPRING system supports and stabilizes the body in any Reclining position. Thus, the spine maintains its natural double-S shape while you sleep.
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The long-term traction of the vertebral Due to its high degree of adaptability the EUROSPRING slatted system produces a gentle traction on the lumbar lordosis and on the thoracic kyphosis. On account of this long term traction, the intervertebral discs are relieved and can regenerate.
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Equalization of pressure irrespective of weight. The EUROSPRING Mattresses is the foundation of an incomparable sleeping system with its weight distribution, pressure equalization, cushioning and support functions. It adapts optimally to the body contours in any position.
Germproof Ticking
Having been sanitized for anti-germ and anti-bacteria, Germproof ticking is a high-quality European-made- textile, with its 99% of anti-germ effects.
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Special Hot Melt Glue Method By attaching materials with the colorless, tasteless and unhealthful
Hot Melt Glue By Fully Automatic Digital Gluing Machine, we maximized spring elasticity and added to the durability.
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Limited 10 Year Warranty
All EUROSPRING Mattresses are manufactured using high quality raw material resulting comfort, durability and longevity.
The Only Manufacturers in WORLD, Manufacturing all types of Mattresses...

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